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Teddy Garland

Entrepreneur, Developer

My name is Teddy, and I like making things work better.
Bootstrapped company to success
founded and led multi-million dollar start-up
Proven record of developing products
from architecture design to customer delivery
Highly motivated self-starter
looking to be challenged, solve problems, and innovate
Teddy Garland
entrepreneur, developer
Professional Experience
Chief Executive Officer
Proctorio 2013 - 2017
Founded B2B SaaS company that prevents students from cheating on computer based exams.
With over 400 clients - including Harvard, Columbia, and the entire California Community College system - Proctorio is the leader in delivering secure exams via automated processes in the US higher education market with millions in revenue and over twenty employees.
  • Bootstrapped start-up company from concept, to delivery of product to hundreds of clients
  • Architected and developed codec for zero-knowledge encrypted video data with metadata
  • Architected and developed zero-knowledge permissioned encryption scheme for all sensitive information collected
  • Architected and developed custom video player using HTML5
  • Architected and developed custom chat protocol providing diagnostic information on chat initialization
  • Architected and developed soft-phone system using SIP and HTML5
  • Created WCAG2.0 Level AA compliant interfaces, including video player
  • Created training modules, courses, quizzes, and lesson plans
  • Controlled corporate finances
  • Served as Chairman of the Board for three years
  • Interviewed and hired over 25 employees
  • Implemented sales strategy, created sales collateral, performed client demos, created proposal responses
Web Application Engineer
Arizona State University Online 2013 - 2014
Developed software to recruit students to the leading and largest online school in the US.
  • Developed social media system through Buddy Press
  • Created system to geo-locate students to nearest resources
  • Developed and maintained recruiting website
Mechanical Design Engineer
Alliant TechSystems (ATK) 2011 - 2013
Led XM813 development from concept to low-rate production. This weapon system is now fielded as first line defense by the US Army on the Russia-Ukraine border.
  • Project lead for 3 concurrent R&D programs. Oversaw teams of design engineers, acted as project CAM, and subject matter expert
  • Designed from concept through implementation receiver and recoil mechanism in XM813
  • Acted as technical point of contact with US Army Research and Development Center
  • Created and executed test requirements and master test schedule for US Army qualification
  • Performed frequency analysis, kinetic energy analysis, static and dynamic force implications, and tolerance stack analysis
  • Designed and implemented software for department wide task tracking system to increase efficiency and awareness
Full stack engineering
Corporate finance
Contract negotiation
Employee training
Customer relations
Information design
Corporate governance
Technical Skills
Machine Learning
Bachelor of Science
Aerospace Engineering
Arizona State University

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